Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blaque Nephilim

Constricted breath....
struggling to escape. Across my hopes, dreams and love of you.
Scattering across the landscape of my mind like dandelion fluff. Looking for purchase in a soul, your soul, that has been tilled by callous indifference. I gifted myself, my pearls, to you. You cast them down into the dirt to be trampled upon before the swine....but no more. After what seems to be a millennia, He finds me, a response to the cry of my pain, bearing me up.  Wings spread wide expanse never ending. Skin the color of dark chocolate, eyes that peer into WHAT is left of my soul. He is mine, my Blaque Nephilim. He carries me to the heavens. He makes me whole. Gently making love to my broken pieces,  he mends them with his touch. breathing life back into what I though was lost. Making me whole from within. My body reflecting his love from every part of my being. He is mine, my Blaque Nephilim.....I Am Home.