Thursday, August 20, 2015

Water Through My Fingers

In the beginning was God and the word was with God....He created man, and so that man was not alone He in his infinite wisdom created, borne of the earth, but woman born of bone, both a creation of the Divine.

The DNA of the beginning calcified like rock into her very being. to search for the other, the missing, I am the flesh of your flesh.

But I am borne of the Angelic and the earth made bone.

Somewhere in the ether is the missing piece of my soul. When I thinks it's within my grasp it slips like water through my fingers. 

Is it my destiny to search through eternity always wanting but never finding....
each of my chakras wanting to connect to the one for which I was created...broken and abandoned waiting to be filled by the "I Alone", my other half....the bone of the bone.

I am Nephilim....child of heaven and earth, carnal flesh and divine....I am corrupt in my desire.... wanting your flesh. skin to skin, piel de piel.

Pure in the intention of my heart's desire, to hold only that which you can give...but it slips like water through my fingers.